The Visit of the old Lady

Angeliki Papoulia Christos Passalis, 2019
Claire Zachanassian visits her hometown and demands justice for her wrong.

How could the monstrous crime against the righteous shopkeeper Alfred Ill come about in tranquil Güllen? A journalist researches and brings to light the entanglements and dark secrets of the citizens. Güllen, a wealthy little community, was not so long ago an impoverished town until Claire Zachanassian visited her hometown and demanded justice for her wrong. With a lot of humor, Dürrenmatt paints a pointed picture of group dynamic processes and social networks in a small town.

Written by: Friedrich Dürrenmatt Direction: Angeliki Papoulia Christos Passalis Set Design: Christos Passalis Simon Sramek Costumes: Vassilia Rozana Video: Julia Bodamer Light Design: David Hedinger-Wohnlich Dramaturgy: Irina Müller Photos: Ingo Hoehn

Performers: Delia Mayer (Claire Zachanassian) Nina Langensand (The Journalist) Fritz Fenne (Alfred Ill) Christian Baus (The Mayor) Lukas Darnstädt (The Priest / Toby) Julian-Nico Tzschentke (The Teacher) Wiebke Kayser (The Police Officer) Antonia Meier (Ills Daughter / Koby) David Martinez Morente (Ills Son / Roby / Loby)

Production: Luzerner Theatre

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