The Ballet of the Nations

Angeliki Papoulia, 2019
Yet dance they did, lopping each others' limbs and blinding one another with spirts of blood and pellets of human flesh.

And as they appeared and disappeared in the moving wreaths of fiery smoke, they lost more and more of their original shape, becoming, in that fitful light, terrible uncertain forms, armless, legless, recognisable for human only by their irreproachable-looking heads which they carried stiff and high even while crawling and staggering along, lying in wait, and leaping and rearing and butting as do fighting animals.

Written by: Vernon Lee Direction: Angeliki Papoulia Dramaturgy Federica Paretti Assistant: Sally Blackburn Daniels Choreography: Eliza Barucchieri Sound: Mario Casappa

Performers : Alessio Montagnani Eliza Barucchieri Alessia Abiouso Stefania Catarinella Teri Demma Germana Raimondo Giulio Bevilacqua Alessandra Barucchieri Filippo Bifulco Silvia Farolfi Sofia Ferrari Monica Maria Francini Douglas Macrae Brown Laura Manneschi Susan Payne Viola Paretti Veronica Scerra Stefano Vincieri Paolo Zanasi

Production: Il Palmerino Cultural Association