blitz theatre group, 2009
The Greeks live in lies for centuries and centuries and have been used to it.

The so-called adorable and hospitable Greek is a mischievous arriviste who always set his traps, everywhere, the so-called adorable and hospitable Greek is the Teacher of filth and grossness. The general course of stupefaction is so advanced that there is no way back.

Katerini is a five and a half hour performance that takes place in six rooms and an open, public space.

Direction: blitz theatre group Dramaturgy: blitz theatre group Νikos Flessas Marialena Mamareli Set Design Costumes: Eva Manidaki Light Design: Tassos Palaioroutas

Performers: Ippokratis Delveroudis Maria Filini Eleni Karagiorgi Michalis Mathioudakis Angeliki Papoulia Christos Passalis Vangelis Slatintsis Giorgos Valais

Production: Athens and Epidaurus Festival / blitz theatre group / BIOS

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