blitz theatre group, 2011
Galaxy is an obsessive list of persons, famous or not, historical events, notions, theories, objects and words that no longer exist.

I’m Sarah Kane. I hung myself using my shoelaces. I miss love.

I’m Intershop. I closed in 1989. I miss the smell of soaps and ice creams.

This endless parade of names and things crosses the centuries and the history of mankind, constantly playing with the crucial and the meaningless, with the comical and the dramatic, with the ridiculous and the sublime. The performers introduce themselves as dead people or dead references and edit in real time their brief biographies, describing how they died but basically what do they miss from life. The final text is produced anew by the performers every night, every night Galaxy is different in terms of tone and style.

Direction: blitz theatre group Dramaturgy: blitz theatre group Νikos Flessas Set Design Costumes: Eva Manidaki Light Design: Tassos Palaioroutas Photos: Giorgos Makkas
Performers: Thanassis Demiris Nikos Flessas Thalia Ioannidou Eleni Karagiorgi Elina Loukou Michalis Mathioudakis Angeliki Papoulia Christos Passalis Giorgos Valais

Production: Michael Cacoyannis Foundation 

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The dutch version of Galaxy at Frascati Theater, Amsterdam 2015

The french version of Galaxy at Fondation Cartier Paris, 2014 / Théâtre de la Ville Paris, 2014 / Festival Scènes d’Europe La Comédie de Reims, 2013

The german version of Galaxy at the Schaubühne F.I.N.D. Schaubühne Berlin, 2012  Dramaturgy: Florian Borchmeyer
Performers: Thomas Bading Niels Bormann Jule Böwe Judith Engel Christoph Gawenda Moritz Gottwald Eva Meckbach Jenny König Christos Passalis Bernardo Arias Porras Lucy Wirth

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