Don Quixotte, the Death of Romance

blitz theatre group, 2012
The lonely journey of Don Quixote from the first night he left Mancha until the time of his death.

We’ve had a lot of adventures, Sancho. And I’ve won. But even so I feel sad.

Sovereign and exalted Lady,

The pierced by the point of absence, the wounded to the heart’s core, sends thee, sweetest Dulcinea del Toboso, the health that he himself enjoys not.

If thy beauty despises me, if thy worth is not for me, if thy scorn is my affliction, though I be sufficiently long–suffering, hardly shall I endure this anxiety, which, besides being oppressive, is protracted.

My good squire Sancho will relate to thee in full, fair ingrate, dear enemy, the condition to which I am reduced on thy account: if it be thy pleasure to give me relief, I am thine.

If not, do as may be pleasing to thee; for by ending my life I shall satisfy thy cruelty and my desire.

Thine till death

Adaptation Direction: blitz theatre group Set Design Costumes: Eva Manidaki Light Design: Tasos Palaioroutas Sound Design: Stefanos Konstantinidis Assistant Director: Angeliki Tsoupra Vassia Attarian

Performers: Aris Armaganidis Nikos Flessas Errikos Litsis Michalis Mathioudakis Angeliki Papoulia Christos Passalis Fidel Talaboukas MarissaTriantafyllidou Giorgos Valais et al.

Production: Athens & Epidaurus Festival / blitz theatre group

Tour: Festival Lessingtage Thalia Theater Hamburg 2013 / Festival Scènes d’Europe La Comédie de Reims Reims 2012

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